Sellers Information

There are thousands of reasons why people sell their homes. Every seller has one thing in common: the desire to sell their existing residence for as much money as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Before you begin the selling process, you need to evaluate why you’re moving. Is your current home too large or too small? Has your job been moved to another city and you need to relocate? Are you happy living in your current neighbourhood? Or are you simply looking for a change? A complete analysis of your current situation will set a great foundation for your next home search.

Why Use a Realtor

An experienced Realtor has the knowledge, skills, and connections to assist through the process of selling your home. With knowledge and training in marketing strategies, negotiation tactics, and the workings of the current real estate market, a Realtor will be able to guide you through all of the steps of the home selling process.  read more

Determining the Value of your Home

Market value of your home can best be described as the price at which a willing buyer would purchase, and a willing seller would sell, with neither of them being under abnormal pressure to do so.  Ultimately, the market will determine what the true value is of your property.  read more

The Selling Process

When the decision is made to sell your home, it is important to have your property looking its best! It simply makes sense to clean up both the exterior and interior of your house before listing it for sale.  This does not mean that you have to undertake major home renovation projects in order to sell your property.  With a little effort, and at a low cost, you can increase the perceived value of your home.  read more

Buy First or Sell First?

This is one tricky question! After all, if you find a purchaser for your existing home, before you’ve found a new one, you may find yourself living out of a suitcase if a convenient closing date cannot be negotiated. On the other hand, if you find your ideal dream home before you have sold your existing home, you may be faced with carrying two mortgages for a period of time. So what is the best answer? Do your homework and have a good idea about the neighbourhood and type of home you want to live in. Do an honest evaluation of your family’s needs and budget. read more

Complimentary Home Evaluation

If you are considering selling your home you should be informed as to its current value.  A complete and comprehensive evaluation can provide the information you need to maximize its value prior to listing.  To receive a no-obligation, Complimentary Home Evaluation, please complete the attached form.  read more

Considering Selling Yourself?

Many people who try to sell their house on their own end up using a Realtor in the end anyway.  Before anybody tries to tackle this complex, time consuming, and financially perilous process they should consider many factors. read more